Master Gardener Booth at the RGV Birding Festival

The trade show at the RGV Birding Festival is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (November 12 – 15) Dorothy Earley and Sheila Bradstreet are chairing our booth this year. We’ll be selling herbs again – and give out info on next year’s Master Gardening class. Sheila is signing up members to work our booth. She can be reached through email at or by phone 425-1451.

Always a fun way to get a few volunteer hours!

RGV Birding Festival

People come back year after year to buy our plants!

We always have a large array of herbs and other plants to will help attract wildlife to your garden. Our booth is located back by the Raptors in the Trade Show. See you there!

This year’s festival is scheduled for November 12 – 15, 2009. For information about the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, click here to visit their website.

A few pictures from the 2007 Festival

RGV Birding Festival

RGV Birding Festival