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About a year ago, I was given a branch from a yellow /orange bougainvillea that my neighbor was pruning.  I have one plant that I grew from the cuttings and now wish to place it in the ground.    My questions are the following:   How deep should the hole be? Do I need to put pebbles in the bottom along with peat moss? How wide do the roots of this plant generally grow? If I mix potting soil, manure and the ground soil will it be alright for the plant?

Is there a place where I can get some soil tested near Los Fresnos or perhaps San Benito? – Eric G.

My question is about crepe myrtles.      Mine look awful, they do not always flower,  the buds seem to just turn brown each and every year, some flower some do  not.    And yet I pass by some homes and business and theirs seem to flourish !   Could it be I should replant them and maybe feed them something special ?

I am a new resident of Brownsville and I am interested in sprucing up my new backyard. New to the South Texas region, I have no idea of what to plant or when. I know that September is an unusual time to plant flowers/plants, but I am looking for a group project. Do you know of anything that would grow particularly well during this time of year? I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.  – Laura C 

I am a Winter Texan and would like to plant some herbs and vegetable when I arrive mid-October. Do you have a list of things I can plant at that time, or early November? I have an acre and a half of land, a rotor tiller and all the water necessary. – Valerie S

Are red yuccas, autumn sage, and mexican feather grass good choices for our landscape in La Feria? – R.D. Trimble, La Feria

I live in Brownsville and have clay soil in my backyard where I have been growing Bermuda Grass. I do have some brown patches where there is no grass growing. I was wondering if I needed to amend the soil and raise the ph a bit. Do you have any suggestions? Ruben P, Brownsville.

We would like to test our soil before we start landscaping. Do you get the kits from a local nursery? After collected, where do I take them? Our place in in La Feria. What is the fee for analysis? Debbie T, La Feria

Do you know the name of the peach tree with the small white fleshed fruit that I see growing in many people’s yards? No one I have spoken with knows the name of the tree as they usually have been growing long before the person bought the house. Any help with be appreciated as the trees seem to be ok with the alkaline soil and cotton rot. Has anyone tried grafting one of the new low chill peaches onto this?

Please, can you tell me what “brand” of peach tree will produce fruit here in Cameron County? We are wanting to purchase at least one this Spring. Dana

We recently moved to McAllen and I never prune my plants at the right time. When do you prune the following -

- Spicey Jatropha

- Hibiscus

- Ixora

Mrs. Martinez

We moved to the Valley last May and are in the process of creating the landscaping for our new home. Can you recommend vendors for trees? I have been to various garden centers in Harlingen and McAllen and find very few choices. I’m looking for shade trees and ornamentals like crape myrtle, preferably nice sized. I would also be interested in looking at Texas Palo Verde. – Sandra